Planning Your CashDrGames Event is as EASY AS 1,2,3 !

  • Visit our website and learn what we’re all about. CashDrGames offers fully-mobile, on-site entertainment and more than a dozen exhilarating activities including Video Game Theaters, 4D Ride Experiences, Giant Hamster Balls, Laser Tag, the world-famous U:bot and so much more!

  • Call us toll-free at (214) 550-3719 GAMES to request more information. We can help you plan the perfect event and we’re experts in entertaining groups of any size and people of every age! 

  •  Sit back, relax, and let CashDrGames bring the fun to you! We’ll show up on time. Set-up all of the equipment. Provide an experience your guests will never forget. And we’ll clean up and disappear when we’re done. Sound easy? and experience the thrills enjoyed by thousands of CashDrGames satisfied customers. 

Admissions Open – “Hurry”

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