Make your child the envy of the playground crowd when you plan their party with CashDrGames. 4D virtual reality rides, mobile gaming theaters, high-tech laser tag, giant hamster balls – just a few of the fun, unique and safe activities that we can bring right to your door. When the CashDrGames crew rolls up in your driveway, it’s on! We’ll show-up, set the games up, rev the kids up and when we’re done, we’ll clean up! What do Mom and Dad have to do? Nothing. It’s time for Mom and Dad to take a break!

CashDrGames offers a fully mobile, on site experience they’ll never forget. With more than a dozen unique and exhilarating entertainment options, we can help you entertain five people, or five hundred. And, with an entertainment package for every budget, we’re experts at providing big-time fun without the big-time price tag. Call us to book your event today and let us bring the fun, the excitement and the CashDrGames!