Frequently Asked Questions

How much do parties cost?
Is there an age limit?
Do parents have to supervise?
Do you need to plug in?
How many players do your games accommodate?
Can I book a combination party featuring multiple games and equipment like laser tag, 4-D theaters and video game theater?
What if it's bad weather, or too hot or too cold?
What video games are available?
Do we need a lot of space for games like Laser Tag?
Are the laser tag guns safe? Can they hurt player's eyes?
How long can I keep an inflatable?
What if it rains, snows or the winds are high?
What do I need to Provide/do the day of the event?
Where can I have you setup?
How much space is required for setup and use?
How many paticipants can ve in/on the inflatables at one times?
What do I do if I have to cancel or reschedule my reservation?
Do I have to pay a separate delivery charge?
What if we tear or damage the unit?